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New Philanthropy Capital State of the Sector Survey

A survey of charity leaders on behalf of NPC on the state of the sector.

  • The majority (65%) of charity leaders are directly involving service users in developing strategy.
  • Seven in ten (70%) charity leaders are confident they are making the best use of the latest digital technology.
  • Three in five (59%) charity leaders think that charities being more transparent about how they spend money or demonstrating their impact better will be very effective in rebuilding public trust in the sector.
  • The majority (64%) of charities who deliver public sector contracts say they use other sources of income to deliver these contracts.
  • Eight in ten (80%) of charity leaders day they have explored new approaches to funding in the last 3 years.

Date Published: 24/05/2017

Categories: Business | Professionals | Third Sector

Client: New Philanthropy Capital


ComRes interviewed 300 charity leaders by telephone between 16th January and 15th February 2017. Quotas were set on size of charity.

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