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Customer satisfaction and NPS research

We all know how invaluable word-of-mouth recommendations are – and how damaging customer complaints are. Bespoke, comprehensive customer satisfaction market research helps you create a great, revenue-generating customer experience (CX).

Our approach

The heated debate about which metric gives the best CX results is ongoing – is it the net promoter score (NPS), is it customer satisfaction (CSAT), or is it customer effort? Let’s settle the score now. The truth is, there’s no sole winner. The analytics metrics measure different things. You need to use more than one to judge your performance. And your performance should be benchmarked too.

You also need one or more tailored metrics, measuring the KPIs that determine your brand’s own victories, not others’ successes. Not only that, it’s essential to explore the wider reasons behind the ratings. Why are customers satisfied – or dissatisfied? There are many methods to measure CX performance – and we have extensive experience in them all. We always create a bespoke basket of metrics for every client, reflecting your business’ priorities, customers, and path-to-purchase touchpoints.

At the end, you’ll have all the insights you need for a clear customer satisfaction strategy. That’s a core building block for better revenues and growth opportunities. Debate over.


Identifying the areas in need of insights

Let’s make a plan, using our 12 core principles of CX research, to plug data gaps wherever needed in your business and provide actionable insights.


Understanding your customers

Find out what’s important to them at each touchpoint – what triggers, or prevents, the best purchase behaviours?


Designing the metrics

We’ll build a bespoke basket of metrics that will determine your business’ performance, against the factors with the greatest impact on your customers’ satisfaction.


Measuring and evaluating

We’ll create a tailored insight and engagement programme that provides the results and recommendations your business needs – to maximise the commercial opportunities that are influenced by customer satisfaction.

Research benefits

Understanding satisfaction and dissatisfaction

What are the key touchpoints that lead to high or low satisfaction? We'll help you take action to maximise your earned growth potential via repeat purchases and recommendation-led customer acquisition.

Improving the CX to grow the business

Differentiate by providing an excellent customer experience – a crucial aspect in boosting performance – informed by rich, bespoke data. Make a difference, by enhancing your revenue opportunities through higher customer satisfaction.

Increasing advocacy and recommendations

Drive business performance through positive online reviews, social media engagement or word of mouth recommendations, as your satisfied customers do the hard work and acquire more for you.

Research methods

Customer experience

Loyalty & retention

Customer journey mapping

Case studies

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Home InsuranceUnderstanding buyer behaviour

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British Private BankSpeaking to the wealthy

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WagamamaCustomer experience tracking

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"Local managers are empowered to use restaurant-level feedback to guide their teams in improving the guest experience and directly drive revenue.”


"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the team at Savanta. They combine professionalism and proactivity with an ongoing desire to learn about and add value to Sainsbury's via a wide range of research projects and programmes"

Sainsburys Head of Insight
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