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Customer experience tracking

Wagamama now has a platform that supports better decision making at every level of the business

Wagamama is one of the most successful restaurant chains in the UK, with an annual turnover of around £342m.

But as it grew to encompass over 100 locations, communication between head office and frontline operations began to lag.

The Challenge

This gradual breakdown in communications was affecting the standard of their services and was caused by their customer experience management methodologies becoming outdated.

Wagamama needed a new way to share accurate and up-to-the-minute data to ensure consistently high standards throughout the organisation.

Our approach

Wagamama worked with us to revolutionise their customer experience tracking and create a brand-new approach that gives them the reliable, fast and actionable data they were missing.

Now, when a customer visits Wagamama and uses the free Wi-Fi provided by The Cloud, they receive a Wagamama-branded survey the next day via email, asking them all about their visit.

Their responses are matched to the precise time and location of their visit and delivered in real-time to restaurant employees, and accessible across all levels of the business, via a bespoke, fully-interactive dashboard. We named this new customer feedback system Satoru, the Japanese for word for ‘understand’.

The outcome

Wagamama’s General Managers are now empowered to make better decisions ‘on the ground’ through Satoru. It gets them to the heart of the customer experience and helps to identify actionable ways to keep the quality of service high – which in turn has a positive commercial impact for the company overall.

With real-time access to a deep level understanding of their customers’ experiences, Wagamama has a platform that supports better decision making at every level of the business, from central office all the way out to individual restaurant managers and their teams.

Satoru is now an indispensable resource for driving continuous improvement across the business and is frequently referred to internally as ‘the rockstar of the business’.

Local managers are empowered to use restaurant-level feedback to guide their teams in improving the guest experience and directly drive revenue.”

Insight Manager, Wagamama