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Savanta Essentials: the savvy way to build knowledge

Adam Goddard EVP, Agencies & Growth ventures 12 April 2022

We all work in fast paced environments and getting the data to support decision making can often be an afterthought.

Savanta Essentials is a suite of pre-designed research products that will answer key business questions, easily and at a low price point.

We might need to make a call on which creative or concept to develop and take to market, a product has just launched and we can’t prove ROI, or we lack that key nugget of data that’s going to help us standout and win a new business pitch.

You know what you need to understand, but don’t have the time or energy to design your own research project and definitely don’t have the budget to pay a research agency to design a bespoke programme.

Pressure quickly builds to find evidence to support a decision, but without it, inevitable shortcuts are taken, and you’re forced to make decisions based on limited data and information that you’re not entirely confident with.

What’s the solution to keep you moving forward?

Our Savanta Essentials pre-packaged surveys are designed to alleviate this pressure, allowing for speed of turnaround, and to instil you with the confidence that the data collected is up to scrutiny. It provides a simple way to buy and get the data you need, to give you the information to progress.

Savanta Essentials is a suite of pre-designed research products that will answer key business questions, easily and at a low price point. It’s more than just another templated solution in the market. Essentials are templated questionnaires but with a difference.

Firstly, we know every audience is different so we’ll ensure that you can still target your specific audience, no nat. rep. only here.

Secondly whilst it may be templated and cost-effective, it doesn’t mean its lacking in value. Each of the Essentials products come with the ability to benchmark your data, enabling you to compare results.

Our suite of products includes:

  • Brand trackingA robust brand tracking solution to identify strategies for growth and optimise its position in market
  • Campaign evaluation:Identify the contribution any marketing channel has on brand metrics and KPIs
  • Concept testingEvaluate, optimise, and prioritise concepts to determine winning ideas, maximise launch and in-market success
  • Pitch winner:Increase your pitch rate success by capturing the emotional responses of target audiences to proposed creatives and ideas
  • Creative test: Prove your creative works before you release it, with fast testing on your target market
  • Employee experience: Build and test effective strategies that drive employee engagement and retain top talent
  • Stakeholder perceptions: Understand sentiment and priorities to build effective stakeholder engagement strategies
  • BrandVue Essentials: Get 6 months of consumer trend data to help you answer specific business challenges with a one-off cost

We do the legwork by building a research toolkit that suits your needs, using quality data and methods, in no time, without breaking the bank. Each product is run in-house by our award-winning operations team, and we give you access to an online dashboard with automated insights where all the data is easy to access and understand.

Savanta Essentials will allow you to make the right decisions easily, quickly and cost effectively.

For more information on how our Essentials range can help you please get in touch.

To download our Essentials summary, click here.

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