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Consumers identify industry trends they expect to see this year

Businesses have always tried to keep their finger on the ever-changing landscape pulse, consciously examining future projections and strategically maneuvering into the new age.

Sadia Corey VP, Client Development 25 January 2023
59% of individuals believe that big brands will monopolize the legal cannabis industry

These past couple of years have proven challenging for many companies to prevail in an uncertain and trepidatious world. War, climate crises, economic challenges, and an ever-faster development of technologies and rapid shifts in industry attitudes have given a platform for companies to set themselves apart from their competitors. But to do this, understanding the social and cultural climate needs to be at the heart of business strategy and market understanding.

Savanta wanted to uncover insights on the very climate that businesses hope to learn from when formulating plans for their upcoming fiscal year, not to mention what individuals expect from industry leaders across tech, lifestyle, fashion, sports, and entertainment.

This Savanta study was conducted by surveying 1,000 consumers with demographic cuts based off of the most recent US Census data. 

Below is a list of sectors specific trend predictions to take a look at for 2023, whether it be activity that Americans believe will continue to progress or making a comeback.


Callout: Almost two-thirds (59%) of individuals believe that big brands will monopolize the legal cannabis industry.


Callout: 42% of Americans believe that people will eat less meat this year than previous years, despite projections from industry leaders predicting a steady increase in poultry and pork consumption.


Callout: 48% of Americans believe consumers will dump fast fashion in favor for more sustainable garments and practice.

Not to mention Jeggings are believed to make a comeback… definitely not sure how we feel about this one.


Callout: Over half (56%) of Americans believe that going to the movies will be a more frequent activity for people this year than last.


Callout: More than half (51%) of consumers believe more people will watch the Super Bowl this year than any other year.

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