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The Rise of UX panel discussion

UX, CX, HX...WTFX are they?

Ever since the phrase “UX” was coined in 1995 by Don Norman, the relationship between market research and user experience research has been a mystery to many. There’s a heated debate in the insights community about whether one is a part of the other, if the two co-exist within the same function, or if they’re completely different disciplines.

One thing is certain: as more audiences engage with brands digitally, experience research (whether user, customer, human, employee, or patient) is not a trend that’s going to go away.

This online panel, co-hosted by Savanta EVP Nikki Lavoie and UX Research Director Meaghan Willis explores the historical relationship between MRX and UXR and lay out predictions for what the future has in store for these dynamic research functions.

The webinar might have closed, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out on the presented insights. Our post-webinar content is packed with additional tips and tricks to help you stay ahead of the game.

“Companies that invest in user experience outperform the market by 45 points” (Jamin Brazil, MD of Hub UX, Voxpopme, in Watermark Study).

Webinar Full Recording

EMEA/APAC Webinar Recording – Thursday, April 20th at 11am CET (10am BST, 6pm PHT): HERE
Americas Webinar Recording – Friday, April 21st at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern (8pm BST/9pm CET): HERE 

Leave-behind Deck:

EMEA/APAC Leave-Behind Deck – The Rise of UX: Where is it taking us? HERE
Americas Leave-Behind Deck – The Rise of UX: Where is it taking us? HERE 


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