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Transport & Logistics

Market Research

Whether you’re running an airline, TOC, or shipping freight, you need reliable transport market research and logistics market research to maximise efficiencies. The type of precise insights that really takes you places.

Here’s how we can help:

Our Approach

With hundreds of global transport research programmes across railways, airlines and airports, ferry services and business networks under our belt, we know the first place to start is with the audience. You need to really get under the skin of your users, passengers or stakeholders, with representative samples that offer actionable insights. But we don’t just chase numbers. We delve deeper. We find the hard-to-reach users of transport. And we do this by combining a methodology neutral approach to research design with market leading analytics, innovative questionnaire design, and cutting-edge technology. It’s why every project we complete exceeds client expectations. Our team isn’t afraid to throw on a back-pack and a sensible pair of shoes to conduct research within the transport environment. How else can we truly identify local issues and gain golden in-the-moment feedback? Transport modes, flows, or services. We’ve got it covered. Our deep experience and solid reputation mean we’re vital partners for leading transport brands, from service providers through to industry bodies and regulators.

Our services

Audience understanding and segmentation

Who is your target market, how do they invest and bank, what segments best fit your offer, and how can you access and market to them? We’ll unearth a wealth of insights that you can act on.

Market intelligence

Investor sentiment, market trends, product use and penetration, and channel trends – in other words, the kind of understanding you need to accelerate your market position.

Brand and reputation performance

Measure the success of your marketing through the brand funnel of awareness, sentiment, reputation, associations, and consideration. Assess… adapt… achieve.

Client retention and NPS

Measure key client KPIs and understand how to improve your share of wallet.

Proposition development

Fine-tune your propositions by testing and developing your brand, service, and product enhancements such as digital UX, advice pricing, or credit card features. Add a touch more glitter to your client’s gold.

“Working with Savanta is a pleasure. The Savanta team are consistently timely and professional in delivering research for us to a high standard, and with a detailed understanding of our objectives. Savanta research helps us better understand what our stakeholders expect of us, and how best to communicate with them. Savanta’s ability to help us better understand our landscape is second to none, I would highly recommend working with them.”

Rail Supply Group

"TPE have partnered with Savanta for over a decade, the research Savanta provides us with focuses on key business metrics for maintaining and improving the customer experience, Savanta have been fantastic to work with and provide rich insights for us to analyse and derive improvements. Savanta are proactive in their approach, forward thinking and know our market, we very much enjoy working with Savanta on research to improve our experience, the team always go above and beyond to assist us in our research."

Transpenine Express


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