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Public affairs strategy research

Every organization is impacted by public affairs through legislation and regulation. Research provides crucial support to your, or your client’s, public affairs strategy.

Our approach

All organizations operate in a sphere bound by policy and public affairs. You need to understand your reputation, measure the effectiveness of your approach, and optimize your public affairs planning.

Public affairs management can play an essential role in organizational success. We have extensive experience of working with both in-house public affairs teams and agencies managing their clients’ activities. Our methods integrate seamlessly into your overall public affairs strategy.

With industry-leading research capabilities, our team can reach an array of critical stakeholder audiences. The results will give you robust, objective evidence to support your public affairs activity.

Our approach isn’t a substitute for traditional public affairs activity. Instead, we use research to support and enhance it. So, whether you need to understand your reputation in the government, or evaluate your communications, please get in touch with our expert team.


Measuring reputation

We assess your reputation within government, including key metrics such as familiarity, favorability, trust, and communications.


Benchmarking and tracking

Understand where you sit within your sector – we measure your reputation against key competitors, and over time.


Evaluating communications

We assess the cut-through of communications, in terms of both the delivery and the reception.


Policy exploration

Understand the best ways to contribute to policy debates – we measure attitudes towards the key policy issues that matter to you.

Research benefits

Understanding your reputation within government

Learn about how you’re perceived and where you sit among the competition.

Managing, protecting, or improving reputations

Identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as any reputational risks and mitigations, to inform your public affairs management.

Identifying how to engage more effectively

Find out how to engage and communicate with governmental stakeholders more effectively, ensuring your messages cut through to those that truly matter.

Understanding governmental attitudes and priorities

Contribute more to the debate. Advance your positions. Achieve your public policy strategy objectives. How? Through a better understanding of governmental attitudes and priorities related to your policy areas.

Research methods

Localized research

Localized research

Policy development and evaluation

Policy development and evaluation

Case studies

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