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The power of personalisation

Reimagining personal data for the Internet age

Watch on demand – Discover how our client at the BBC are developing a concept that will give the power of personal data back to their users.

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10 consumer truths brands need to know about being LGBTQ+ webinar

In this session we deep-dive into our Gen Z tracking data to uncover the differences between consumer subsegments and reveal 10 new and surprising insights that will help brands connect with LGBTQ+ and Gen Z audiences on a more meaningful level. Find out what it takes to become a true and authentic ally to the young LGBTQ+ community.

10 ways Gen Z will change the world webinar

In this session reveal the 10 ways that Gen Z are challenging stereotypes, questioning behaviour and effecting change in the world. Find out what this means for brands as we cover themes around the topics that matter most to young people, including: identity, trust, data protection, love and relationships, mental and physical wellbeing, food, climate change, brands, influencers and purpose.

What young people want from the world of work webinar

This webinar reveals fresh Gen Z insights that employers need to know in order to attract and retain the brightest young talent to their business. Attendees will gain insights into the mindset, values and career goals of young employees, so you can tailor your workplace and recruitment strategy around the needs of your future employees. We’ll be covering three key topics, including: attraction, expectation and retention.

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