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Business Essentials product testing

Fuss-free, fast, & flexible

Understanding how your core target audience will react to your new product concept and how you can optimise it to deliver in-market success.

Our approach

Business Essentials is a modular suite of research products offering a low cost, high value alternative to traditional research and insights.

We’ve designed a simple, data led service that is efficient, valuable and replicable, where our experts handle full operational set up and delivery.

We’ll help you to…

  • Identify how your target audience reacts to the new product concept across our ‘tried and tested’ key performance metrics
  • Understand which companies your audience associate with the new product concept
  • Detailed product test; including initial response to the concept, differentiation from competitive offering, appeal of features, preferred pricing model for the new product concept
  • Identify future purchase intent and reasons behind the responses
  • Understand which company is most likely to be attributed to the new product concept and why
  • Influence of company name / brand on the new product concept
  • Firmographic (audience) profiling / targeting

Ultimately providing you with data and insights which will enable you to validate the proposition to take it forward to the next stage of development and understand which levers you should pull in marcoms to optimise its chance of future success.

Product benefits

Cost effective, high value alternative

Allows you to run your core projects at a lower cost in our current challenging business environment

Visual outputs

Online dashboard with an easy-to-understand set of deliverables

Expert design

Questionnaire designed by our product concept testing experts

Speed of delivery

Working within consistent modules speeds up all elements of the process. Results can be turned around in as little at 24-hours!

Bespoke insights

Option to add 5 bespoke questions for free, to give you additional insights on your wider business objectives and research needs


Questionnaire enables you to tailor option lists, to ensure these are relevant and targeted at your new product concept, its features, the preferred pricing model and understand which companies are most likely to be associated with it

How it works

We simply need you to provide your new product concept (we can test very brief product concepts to ‘ready to launch’ new products with supporting marcoms and materials) and the details of your target audience. Once we have these, we can customise:

• Who the survey goes out to (i.e., whether all UK businesses, UK SME businesses, telecom decision makers)
• Audience size for the research (i.e., whether 500 UK businesses, 300 UK SME businesses or 200 telecom decision makers)

We will also work with you to craft and refine your free 5 bespoke questions, to ensure these give the answers to your core business objectives and provide the insight you will require.

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Business Essentials: fuss-free, fast & flexible

A high-quality, streamlined, data-led solution engineered for you…

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