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Sharp drop in those required to attend regular place of employment

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Julian Dailly EVP 1 April 2020

Coronavirus daily tracker: April 1st 2020

With a staggering 55% of people now say that they’re now working from home but usually work elsewhere, we’ve also seen a sharp daily drop in the number saying that they have to attend their regular place of employment, down to just under a quarter (24%)— our lowest figure yet.

43% are now saying that their income has decreased due to COVID-19, our highest figure yet.

In terms of leaving the house for other reasons, we’ve seen the standard post-weekend spike in those who went out to the supermarket on Monday, with almost a quarter (23%) of people who left the house going out to buy groceries. Compared to last Monday, though, that’s a drop of 12 points.

As people settle in to this new way of life, they are less likely to watch the government’s daily press conference. Just over a third are tuning in, compared to more than half (52%) a week ago.

However, while people aren’t watching the daily updates, (those that report watching it live is down 15 points from a week ago) the government’s approval rating is at its highest figure (56%) since we started tracking in regards to how it’s handling the outbreak. This figure has increased by 5 points in the last week.

Similarly to yesterday, we’ve also seen a further drop in those who say that the government isn’t doing enough to support supermarkets, with just one in five (20%) now holding this view, compared to 27% a week ago.

In terms of worry levels, this remains steady with 54% saying they’re very worried or worse. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that 43% are now saying that their income has decreased due to COVID-19, our highest figure yet.

We will be updating our coronavirus tracker daily and weekly as this unprecedented pandemic unfolds. The full data set can be downloaded here. Please get in touch for more information.