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Savanta expands BrandVue Essentials to cover all industries

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Julian Dailly EVP 1 November 2021

The essential way to accessing data

Back in December 2020 we launched BrandVue Essentials, a fast, cost-effective way to access up to six months of consumer trend data, across key industry sectors - charities, drinks, eating out, financial services, retail.

BrandVue Essentials now offers hard-to-find consumer research datasets for over 2000 brands

Since then, we have expanded this offer to include brands from across all industries. BrandVue Essentials now offers hard-to-find consumer research datasets for over 2000 brands. This extensive list ranges from hotels to utility providers, magazines to tech and telecoms retailers, FMCG brands to music and radio stations, and many more.

Data packs are built with data directly from BrandVue, our market intelligence platform. Capturing data across critical marketing and company performance and reputation topics, BrandVue offers the insights you need to  manage your brand health and reputation effectively.

From as little as £2,000 (exc VAT), BrandVue Essentials provides a quick, efficient route to accessing one-off data sets instantly. The wealth of data available includes customer experience and NPS benchmarks, multi-point brand health data, price points, frequency and spend data, right through to sector trends and advertising effectiveness data.

It enables brands to build their own custom data set or purchase a pre-made pack, enabling them to answer specific business issues.

Packs come in three formats, including:

  • Brand health packs: brand perceptions – what do consumers think?
  • Customer retention packs: consumer behaviours and experiences – what do consumers do?
  • Pitch packs: agency bundles – pitch and impact data.

Julian Dailly, EVP Consumer Insight & Strategy, Savanta comments: “With stretched marketing budgets and research cutbacks, our own research revealed a need for this solution amongst investment analysts, management consultants, insight and marketing managers and marketing agencies, looking to power-up their pitches or case studies.”

BrandVue Essentials helps businesses who are missing a key piece of information to move forward. Whether it’s a very specific data point, such as a brand’s NPS score amongst millennials, or the frequency families consider a new credit card, it delivers a quick, simple and cost-effective way to get hard-to-find consumer research datasets.”

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