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Putting personalisation at the heart of future innovation

Steve King Senior Vice President: Customer Experience 18 August 2021

In short, personalisation is about using what businesses know about a customer to build an individual relationship with them. Offering them advice or products based on known behaviour or preferences.

Those businesses that have a strong digital relationship with their clients were not surprisingly amongst the first to embrace personalisation in a big way.

It is not a means of selling or marketing products or services that they do not want or need, but helping them make choices that will enhance their relationship with your brand. Showing you know them and care about them as individuals will always add to the customer experience overall, increasing loyalty and adding lifetime value.

There is a need to understand what data is. In terms of personalisation, it’s about remembering that every piece of data relates to an individual and the core is thinking about how that data can be used on an individual by individual basis (rather than at an aggregated level). It is not just about offering a great customer experience but offering each customer an enhanced experience based on what you know about them as individuals.

Our Customer Experience Audits (CXP) enable us to help clients understand how they can:

  • Use their data better to provide a more personalised experience:
  • Build systems to better collect data
  • Visualise what a more personalised experience would look like. All of which is verified by customers and internal stakeholders (including looking at feasibility).

Download our free guide to CXP audits here.

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