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Generational brand love: an advertising perspective

Shaun Austin Head of Media 2 August 2022

BrandVue’s Most Loved Media Brands 2022

Earlier this year we launched BrandVue’s Most Loved Media Brands 2022 report, providing insight into which Media brands UK adults have the closest emotional connection with.

Drawing on insights from the report, we take a look at how brands can succeed with multi-generational marketing campaigns.

As new platforms emerge and existing platforms evolve, it’s important to monitor the Brand Love for different media channels, to ensure campaigns successfully reach their target audience.

Looking at the top 20 most loved media brands across generations, it’s interesting to consider the results from an advertising perspective, thinking about which media channels are loved by all generations and which rank higher either across younger or older demographics.

With media becoming more and more fragmented, reaching audiences at scale is becoming increasingly challenging for brands.

However, for those media brands that have been able to form a strong emotional connection with consumers, communicating with prospective audiences is much easier.

So, if we take a look at the platforms that have consistently high brand love across all generations, we can identify those platforms that are best positioned for a multi-generational campaign.

Netflix is the most loved brand across all four generations, indicating strong broad appeal. Whilst Netflix currently runs a famously ad-free service, there are a number of brand partnership deals that have been struck with the streaming giant.

Although it’s said that this is primarily to promote the Netflix brand over anything else, there are opportunities for product placement to take place. Or as Formula 1 with Drive to Survive can provide testament to, opportunities for brands through programming partnerships can really help drive brand appeal.

Amazon Prime Video is also ranked within the top five for Generation X, slipping down slightly for Millennials (#7) and Baby Boomers (#8).

Google on the other hand, is heavily dependent on advertising revenue, and makes it to the top three most loved brands for three out of the four generations – so maintaining an element of Google advertising within your media plan would be a sensible idea if you want to achieve broad demographic appeal.

Still within the Google family, YouTube also performs consistently well among many of the generations, although it does appear slightly lower amongst Baby Boomers, highlighting the brand’s appeal amongst what is generally a slightly younger audience.

Spotify features in the top 10 for all generations and is the top-ranking audio channel across the board. Spotify ranks highest among Gen Z (#3) and we see its ranking fall as we move through the generations, however the brand is still comfortably within the top 10 for Millennials (#6) and Generation X (#7).

If looking to target Gen Z, then TikTok and Snapchat would be strong media channels for this audience, taking 5th and 6th position respectively.

Instagram is another social media channel that performs well among Gen Z and Millennials, taking 7th and 8th place respectively, and appears just outside of the top 10 for Generation X (#12).

Perhaps somewhat as a surprise, Facebook doesn’t appear in the top 10 for any generation, ranking the highest amongst Millennials at No.11.

Whilst ITV outperforms Sky amongst Baby Boomers, Sky takes the lead across all other generations–possibly due to its more premium price point and the range of content on offer for the wider family.

It’s clear that different platforms and media brands have varied appeal across generations–something that media planners and strategists should be sure to keep an eye on. As new platforms emerge and existing platforms evolve, it’s important to monitor the Brand Love for different media channels, to ensure campaigns successfully reach their target audience.

From an advertising perspective, it is clear to see why these brands have been successful – but what does this mean for your brand? What could you do to help your brand reach this level of success?

BrandVue’s Most Loved Media Brands 2022

Download the full report here to discover the UK’s Top 100 Most Loved Media Brands, as well as expert analysis on where the industry is heading and what brands can do to become more loved by consumers.

The report provides an insight into how the No.1 Most Loved Media Brand gained the top spot and whether this can be maintained. We also take a look at whether TikTok and YouTube are replacing the likes of Google for Gen Z, and touch upon what Spotify’s success can teach us about Brand Love.

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