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Creating standout packaging

Colin Moyer Director 23 June 2020

From lockdown to restart and a new normal

In these testing times, the typical rulebook for FMCG product marketing has likely gone out of the window, with possible demand and supply issues, re-considered promotions, and product line simplification.

What are your ‘new normal’ customer needs and emotions and are you clearly addressing them?

However, your packaging design is one element of the marketing mix that manufacturers do have control of, and is a vital tool for communicating with shoppers and consumers.

Now more than ever it is important to connect, meaningfully, with your customers, to be clear what your core values are, and how you are here to help.

Do shoppers notice your packaging?

To have a connection with your brand and product, they first need to see it.

Does your packaging cut-through on-shelf and stand-out against your competitors?  Is it quickly and easily recognisable as your brand?  Does your SRP support (rather than hinder) your pack?  What temporary flashes or callouts can further enhance your call to action?

What are your key assets to drive standout and recognition?

Is it relevant?

Can shoppers quickly and easily identify the key information they need to consider your product, albeit fleetingly?  Is your product going to help them?  Does your packaging clearly and simply show that you understand your customer needs?  Does it connect emotionally with your target audience?

Is your brand positioning clear and relevant?  What are your ‘new normal’ customer needs and emotions and are you clearly addressing them?

What’s your hook?

It’s one thing to be relevant, but with so much competition and current price pressures, your pack is vital to drive the conversion to purchase.

What is your USP and is that really clear and relevant to your customers?

It could be your brand, quality, claims, pack material, format or size, flavours/varieties, ingredients, etc.  Whatever it is, it needs to be obvious and sufficiently compelling to make it their first choice and deliver meaningful value to customers.

What is the key piece of information you need to be communicating on-pack to standout from the competition?

Here at Savanta, we use a range of engaging, subconscious, and context-driven approaches to understand and optimise packaging performance and communication. From eye tracking and qualitative online communities, to online and in-home packaging assessments, we apply real-world settings and behaviours to truly understand how to make your packaging stand out.

For more information on how we can help FMCG brands successfully navigate these times,  please get in touch.