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Are Americans ready for live events?

Sadia Corey VP, Client Development 21 May 2021

With many people trying to understand what their limits are as they reintegrate back into society, there are many that are curious about what the near future holds for venues and live events.

Amongst Americans who say they are fully vaccinated, 73% under 45 say they will wear a mask to the outdoor live event.

While it still feels like a long way back from indoor events (i.e. opera, ballet, on/off-Broadway theater, and other forms of live entertainment), the outdoor amphitheaters, concert halls, and festival spaces appear to be making headway this summer. As the entertainment industry might be ready to open, Savanta wanted to understand American’s appeal for live music this summer given the evolving CDC restrictions.

Savanta reports that 69% of Americans 18+ would go to an outdoor live event over the summer (i.e. music concerts, conferences/expos, cultural events/festivals, fundraisers, or sporting events). When separating this out among the different age groups, Americans under 45 are more likely to attend a live event (8o%), than those 45+ (52%).

Of the Americans who said they would go to an outdoor live event over the summer, 73% would wear a mask during the outdoor event. The CDC’s most recent announcement led to widespread confusion and frustration among Americans, stating that individuals who are fully vaccinated can resume activities without wearing a mask or socially distancing themselves, apart from when it is required by state and federal law, territorial or local law, or regulations instructed by local businesses and workplace guidelines.

As of right now, concerts are expecting to be changing their measures and requirements in tune with the CDC guidelines. For example, the annual Governor’s Ball Festival in NYC, scheduled on September 24-26, has shared COVID Prevention measures and requirements that “this is a bit of a moving target as health guidelines will evolve over time (as more and more people are vaccinated). While we don’t know what may or may not be required come show day (e.g. proof of vaccination, proof of negative test, etc.), rest assured that we are working closely with the City, and we will follow ALL state and federal health guidelines provided.”

Amongst Americans who say they are fully vaccinated, 73% under 45 say they will wear a mask to the outdoor live event, while only 32% over 45 would still wear a mask. Although CDC restrictions are moving slowly towards being masked as an optional formality, many are still feeling the need for a veil of protection. Americans are returning slowly to a form of normalcy, but still reap the rewards of having lived through a pandemic, with anxiety and hesitation weighing on their fully vaccinated minds.

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