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Parkinson’s UK Survey of Those with Parkinson’s

Survey of 1,868 people with Parkinson’s on their experiences of sharing diagnosis.

  • Nearly two fifths of people with Parkinson’s (37%) have felt the need to hide their symptoms or lie about having the condition.
  • Those who did feel the need to hide their symptoms reported not wanting people to feel awkward or embarrassed around them (63%), feeling they would be judged (34%), or not feeling like the symptoms were socially acceptable (32%).
  • A third (33%) delayed telling family or friends about their diagnosis.

Date Published: 18th April 2016

Client: Parkinson's UK


ComRes  interviewed  1,868  people  with  Parkinson’s  between  14th  January  and  11th  February  2016 using both online and paper surveys.

  1. Parkinsons-UK-Survey-of-those-with-Parkinsons 0.02 MB.