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Heathrow MPs Survey March 2017

Survey of MPs on behalf of Heathrow on their views towards airport expansion, major infrastructure projects in the UK, and the potential benefits of each to the UK economy.

The latest ComRes MPs poll on behalf of Heathrow shows the large proportion of MPs say they support the expansion of the airport, and rank the airport first as the infrastructure project most likely to benefit the UK economy long-term, of the options listed.

  • Three quarters of MPs say they support a third runway at Heathrow (77%).
  • MPs are most likely to rank Heathrow first as the project that will bring the most long-term benefit to the UK economy (48% rank first).

Date Published: 17/03/2017

Categories: Economy | Infrastructure | Policy Makers | Transport | UK

Client: Heathrow


ComRes interviewed 150 MPs online and by self-completion paper questionnaire between 11th January and 23rd February 2017. Data were weighted to be representative of the House of Commons by party and region.

  1. Heathrow-March-2017-MPs-Survey-Data-Tables -0 KB.

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