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Daily Express Snap Brexit Poll

Snap poll on public attitudes to the Prime Minister’s latest Withdrawal Agreement

  • From what they know about it, two in five (40%) of the British public support Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, compared to just under a third who oppose (31%) or don’t know (29%).
  • Two thirds of British adults say they agree that having got this far in the process, MPs on both the Leave and Remain sides need to compromise more than ever to back a deal in order for the country to move on (65%) compared to one in five who disagree (20%) and less than one in five who don’t know (15%).
  • More than two in five (43%) agree that they are more optimistic about the UK’s future now that a Brexit deal has been agreed with the EU, compared to a third (33%) who disagree and less than a quarter (23%) who don’t know.
  • More oppose than support making Brexit dependent on a referendum, irrespective of the options on the ballot paper.
  • However two in five (43%) of British adults say that they would vote for the proposed Brexit deal if it was put to the public in a referendum, compared to a third (32%) who would vote against. Around one in twenty (6%) say they would not vote, while a further one in five (18%) are undecided.

Date Published: 17/10/2019

Categories: GB | Politics

Client: Daily Express


Savanta ComRes surveyed 1,016 British adults on 17th October 2019. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults. All questions were also weighted by 2017 past vote recall and EU Referendum past vote. Savanta ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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