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BBC Sport price of football survey

Survey of 18-24 year old football fans about the price of football games and how they engage with the sport more widely

  • Four in five (82%) 18-24 year old football fans said that the cost of tickets is an obstacle to them going to more matches
  • Three quarters (74%) of young fans say they get their football news from social media
  • Three in five fans aged 18-24 go to a sport app or mobile site (59%) for football news while at least half access it via a TV results service (53%)
  • 70% of supporters agree that football clubs do value their fans, but more than half of the teenagers and young adults (56%) say professional football is not run with them in mind. · Similar numbers of football fans asked say they go to a football match at least once a week (11%), 2-3 times a month (15%) or 5-10 times a season (14%)
  • One in six (16%) male football fans aged 18-24 say they go to a match at least once a week, compared to 7% of women in this group

Date Published: 16/11/2017

Categories: Health | Social | Sport

Client: BBC Sport


ComRes surveyed 1,000 football fans in Britain aged 18-24 online between 27th October and 6th November 2017. Respondents were surveyed to be national representative of 18-24 year olds by age, gender, region and social grade and were asked if they considered themselves a football fan. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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