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BBC News Brexit Expectations Poll

Poll for BBC News on British public’s expectations of what will happen under Brexit

  • Most Britons think that maintaining access to the single market should be the priority for the Government when negotiating the UK’s withdrawal from the EU (66%), while just a third say this of restricting freedom of movement (31%).
  • Half of British adults (52%) expect immigration to fall after the UK leaves the EU. Around one in three expect levels of immigration to remain about the same (36%).
  • Almost half (45%) say they will be dissatisfied if the government continues to allow immigration from the EU in exchange for access to the single market.
  • A quarter of British adults (27%) expect that at least some EU citizens currently resident in the UK will be required to leave the country when Britain leaves the EU. One in ten (10%) think most EU citizens will be required to leave the country.
  • Around three quarters of British adults (72%) say they do not trust leading politicians to do a good job of carrying out the will of the British people during the process of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, while half do not trust civil servants (50%).
  • Half of Britons (52%) say they think that the UK will stay in the single market with some limits on freedom of movement.
  • Half of the British public (47%) think the UK economy will be worse in two years’ time, a third think it will be better (32%). However, over the longer time, the public appears to believe the economy will improve – 52% of Britons think that the economy will be in a better place in five years’ time, compared to 30% who say it will be worse than where it is today.
  • More Britons (53%) think it is likely that the UK will no longer exist in ten years’ time than think England can win a major football tournament (13%). Around a quarter of Britons (25%) think it is likely that the UK will be a member of the EU is ten years’ time.

Date Published: 14 July 2016

Categories: GB | Politics | Public and communities | Social

Client: BBC News


ComRes interviewed 1,004 British adults aged 18+ by telephone from 7th-10th July 2016. Data were weighted to be representative of all GB adults aged 18+. ComRes sets quotas during fieldwork and weights the raw data on the following demographic information: age, gender, government office region and social grade. The sample includes both landline and mobile telephone numbers. Additionally the data is weighted by past vote recall to the EU referendum. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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