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BBC Daily Politics Poll

Poll on the economic downturn conducted for BBC's The Daily Politics, 24 November 2008.

Date Published: 24 Nov 2008

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Our latest poll for BBC's The Daily Politics:
  • the proportion of people who trust Gordon Brown/Alistair Darling most to steer Britain's economy through the current downturn has increased over the past month from 42% to 47%, while the proportion who trust David Cameron/George Osborne has decreased from 31% to 28% over the same period
  • two-thirds of people have cut their spending because they're worried about the future
  • 43% say they are likely to spend more if the Government cuts their taxes although 54% say not - with some significant variations by age
  • almost eight in ten adults (79%) agree that any tax cuts now will just mean higher taxes in the future
  • a very slim majority (51%) agrees that Britain is well placed to weather the economic downturn compared with other leading economies but 42% disagree.

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