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M Booth: Vaccine rollout

Brand perceptions

M Booth Health are a global PR agency working with renowned brands.

M Booth Health, a sector of M Booth, a global public relations agency who works with renowned brands of the likes such as AMEX, Google, Johnson&Johnson, and more.

The full service public relations/communications advisory firm specializing in healthcare. Under its umbrella, M Booth Health maintains decades of expertise providing communications for major medical and pharmaceutical milestones in public health.

The Challenge

M Booth Health was eager to make a splash in the pharmaceutical industry and become a leading PR company in this sector.

In 2021, naturally, there was an outflux of thought leadership and research being published about Covid-19. In order to stand out, M Booth needed to find a story that was unique. Fortunately, at this time, the vaccines were successfully rolling out and millions of Americans had already received their first dose.

Given this nature, M Booth wanted to uncover the effect vaccines had on pharmaceutical brands and then report their findings to make that “big splash”.

Our approach

On behalf of M Booth Health, Savanta created, tested, then distributed a robust in-depth survey to 1,000 ethnically diverse Americans to uncover how Covid vaccines had changed their awareness as well as perceptions of big pharmaceutical brands.

Through this intense qualitative study, Savanta was able to uncover how Americans view these brands post-pandemic, whether or not there is a preferred “vaccine brand”, and uncover the future of the customer decision process for upcoming healthcare decisions.

The outcome

After a successful research project, Savanta was able to provide M Booth Health with a clear cut data-driven report. M Booth then went on to present these findings at notable industry conferences and other high-level media events.

Additionally, M Booth’s presentations were also picked up by credible news sources such as CBS News, Scientific American, NASDAQ, and more, resulting in millions of views in earned publicity.

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