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Leading sports venue

Spectator expectations

Our client is a leading sports venue, hosting some of the world’s most prestigious sporting events across the calendar year.

The organisation needed to understand spectator expectations and needs when visiting events.

The Challenge

Over the last four years, we have worked with our client, a major international sports event organiser, to fully understand visitors’ expectations and needs when visiting their event; in order to anticipate trends and ensure a high standard of service at all touchpoints.

As well as setting benchmarks on KPIs, our client was keen to include specific hot topics for each event, to inform strategy planning and for more tactical decisions.

Our approach

We designed a multi-methodology research programme blending quant and qual. This enabled us to track KPIs, monitor trends, deliver in-the moment feedback, and provide an instant feedback loop on tactical and logistical improvements.

Our core programme consisted of a large online survey of visitors and at venue-intercepts, including pre-visit, at venue and post-visit surveys to gain a holistic view of visitors’ behaviour. We also incorporated online communities, focus groups, depth interviews and observational elements to add context and depth to results.

The outcome

Our programme helped to identify unmet needs as well as gaps in our client’s current offer and service delivery.

The results are used by the event management team to work on various streams (short term and long-term), including product offer, pricing, communication pre and at event. In particular, live results reporting has allowed our client to address potential issues highlighted by respondent’s in-real time.