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Traditional ‘dine-in’ is out, so what’s next for US restaurants?

Sadia Corey VP, Client Development 13 October 2020

US restaurants are beefing up alternative solutions to the traditional dine-in experience

Fear of getting infected from COVID-19 is the biggest barrier to not dinning inside a restaurant

Of all the businesses threatened by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, few have felt the impact as deeply and immediately as the restaurant industry.

While less than quarter (22%) of consumers dined-in at a restaurant in the past month, ordering through drive-throughs (46%), pick-ups (34%), and mobile apps (27%) is becoming the new norm.

Taking a cue from the increase in drive-through traffic, some of the major fast-food chains have initiated steps towards reducing the wait time of drive-through orders by training staff and adapting digital menu boards.

More casual and fast-casual chains are adapting drive-through, takeout orders, and home delivery options to stay afloat.

Most consumers (88%) went to fast-food restaurants when ordering food from a drive-through, followed by fast-casual restaurants (30%) and casual dining restaurants (22%).

For those who ordered delivery, almost three in five (58%) preferred casual dining while the other half ordered from a fast-food chain (53%) or fast-casual dining restaurant (50%).

Over two-thirds (68%) of those who dined-in did so at casual dining restaurants (68%) followed by fast food and fast-casual dining restaurants (41%).

Fast food restaurants were the preferred choice among those who ordered food for home delivery (61%), followed by fast-casual (48%) and casual dining (42%).

The quality of food was the top driver (58%) for considering a restaurant followed by taste (55%) and price (50%).

Ease of placing an order and safety are both essential requirements, as more than two in five (46%) consumers consider it necessary. About one in five (18%) of those ordered/ dined-in consider loyalty cards a critical factor in choosing a restaurant over others.

During the pandemic, safety has become the most critical barrier for dining in at a restaurant.

Fear of getting infected from COVID-19 is the biggest barrier to not dinning inside a restaurant (42%), followed by a preference for home-cooked food (34%) and safety (29%). Therefore, restaurant brands need to communicate the steps they are taking to bring back the diners.

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