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Feeling the squeeze: supermarkets and savings

Will Blackett EVP, Consumer 26 July 2022

The UK's Most Loved Brands 2022

We recently launched our Most Loved Brands 2022 report, canvassing over 200,000 UK consumers on their feelings towards more than 2500 brands.

We used the results to bring together a list of the Top 100 Most Loved Brands that have truly captured the hearts of the UK public. Drawing on findings from the report, we take a closer look at which supermarkets made into The Top 100.

The good news for all supermarkets on the spectrum is that the UK loves the stuff they sell.

Aldi is the Most Loved Supermarket Brand for the second year in succession, rising four places from 2021 to reach No.12 in our Top 100 League Table.

However, the traditional ‘big two’, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, have both dropped – from 23rd to 27th and 89th to 97th, respectively.

Is our love for supermarkets in short supply?

Far from it. There are seven supermarket brands in our Top 100. The relatively cheaper Asda has climbed the most, up eight places to 55th.

Within the context of a cost-of-living crisis, this is a market where discounters like Aldi and Lidl -(with the latter climbing five places to 56th) – are proving popular. Home Bargains – a generalist discount retailer also selling groceries – has risen eight places too, up to 44th.

This doesn’t mean that there’s no new love for the supermarkets perceived as more ‘premium’. M&S Simply Food is the Most Loved Brand for the over 60s, climbing two places to 18th overall. In a year of food inflation, M&S has responded swiftly by lowering prices on its Remarksable value range. It’s not all about cost-cutting though, with M&S’s recent partnership with Ocado offering greater convenience to its customers.

The good news for all supermarkets on the spectrum is that the UK loves the stuff they sell. In our Top 100 League Table, more than half of the brands are confectionery, snacks, drinks, and other FMCGs.

Several drinks brands are among the 10 highest risers out of last year’s Top 100 including #24 Fanta (+26), #31 Pepsi (+24), #32 Ribena (+35), #47 Tango (+86), and #57 Buxton (+34),

Chocolates, treats, and sweets are also feeling the love – they’re some of the biggest climbers among brands breaking into our Top 100 League Table for the first time. These include #73 Aero (+142), #77 Nutella (+67), #82 Mr Kipling (+55), #89 Haribo (+72), and #95 Warburtons (+127).

Some of this Brand Love should get shared with the supermarkets that act as the best intermediary, between the UK and its favourite products. In the current climate, lower prices will help. Nevertheless, the M&S success story shows that other factors – for example customer service, convenience, marketing, and brand engagement – will have a part to play too. The supermarket sector is certainly a competitive and compelling one to watch.

The UK’s Most Loved Brands 2022

Download the full report here to discover the UK’s Top 100 Most Loved Brands, and what their success can teach us about Brand Love.

Across demographics, the report shows the key trends behind brands’ ever-evolving relationships with their customers. Tracking engagement via our BrandVue platform, we see that no matter if love is loyal or short-lived, it cannot be taken for granted. The following pages show the success stories – and lessons to be learnt – for the UK’s Top 100 Most Loved Brands 2022.