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A look back: which brands stole the hearts of consumers in 2022?

Roger Perowne CEO 14 February 2023

All you need is (brand) love…

In the spirit of love, this year we are taking a look back at 2022’s Most Loved Brands.

Having canvassed UK adults on their feelings towards more than 2,500 brands, we’re excited to provide you with an interactive league table of the UK’s Most Loved Brands of 2022.

Want to know where your brand ranked?

You can see where all qualifying* brands ranked in our league table below and compare Brand Love rankings across age, industry, gender, and region.

View the full league table here

The power of (brand) love

BrandVue, Savanta’s daily brand tracking tool, captures data across critical marketing and company performance. The platform monitors the feelings and behaviours of 1 million consumers each year towards 2,500+ brands, providing us with a wealth of insights to base our league table of the UK’s Most Loved Brands on.

From our data, we’ve found that Brand Love has a higher correlation with insulating a brand from brand shocks and building loyalty than any other metric (BrandVue tracks more than 50).

Further to this, it increases repeat customers, it means customers will forgive you, and it makes that percentage of consumers that do love you, more commercially reliable.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here’s what Mark Ritson had to say about Savanta’s Most Loved Brands findings:

“If I ask you to close your eyes and think of a person – go on, go on – the chances are the person that sprang into your mind was also one of those you feel the strongest about. Perhaps even the one you love.

There has to be room in any theory of brand management for affection, love and even loyalty. All three were certainly overplayed and overstated in decades past. But committing the equivalent sin of underestimation today does not absolve the exaggerations of the past.

We should give a little bit of our time to brand love, especially when it is measured the way Savanta do it, which is as a gestalt. Other surveys create very specious breakdowns of the component parts of brand love and then accumulate them into a dreadfully ridiculous scoring system. I like a good old-fashioned gestalt measure, in which the consumer gets to define what they mean by ‘love’ and then assess it with a simple six-point scale, with love at one end, indifference in the middle and dislike at the other end.

When you ask this question of 200,000 British people, you learn some interesting things.”

Want to see the results for yourself? Click here.

*Data for our Most Loved Brands 2022 is created by ranking organisations by their Brand Love, having met suitable Brand Awareness criteria. The insight is drawn from 200k consumers using 2022 data collected through BrandVue, Savanta’s market intelligence platform, which conducts 1 million interviews per year.

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