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Theos Things Unseen Survey

ComRes interviewed 2036 GB adults online between 4th and 5th September 2013. Data were weighted to be representative of all adults aged 18+ in GB. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.


Date Published: 16 Oct 2013

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More than half of us believe spiritual forces have influence on earth, research reveals


New research from the think tank Theos, examining patterns of spiritual belief in Britain, shows that over three-quarters of all people believe that there are things we cannot explain through science or any other means – and more than half think spiritual forces have some influence on earth.


The research was commissioned by the independent production company, CTVC, to mark the launch today of its new regular podcast, Things Unseen, which aims to engage both people of faith and those who do not feel drawn to formal religion, but have some spiritual beliefs or interests.


The research showed that only 25% of the population think spiritual forces have no influence on earth. More than three in five (62%) of those who call themselves Christians think such spiritual forces can influence people’s thoughts or the human or natural world but, more surprisingly, more than a third (35%) of the non-religious also believe this.


The survey also revealed that a sixth, or 16%, of people said they or someone they knew had experienced a miracle, with younger respondents more likely to say this than older ones. Even 8% of the non-religious claimed that they, or someone they knew, had experienced a miracle.


 The research, involving over 2,000 adults, confirmed that despite the decline of formalized religious belief and belonging, the British are far from having become a nation of atheists or materialists. 

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