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London First immigration and students survey

Survey of Londoners on behalf of London First on whom they perceive to be an immigrant and their attitudes towards overseas students

  • Londoners are generally more likely to think of non-EU citizens than EU citizens coming to the UK as immigrants. While three quarters of Londoners (73%) say they think of non-EU citizens looking for jobs in the UK as immigrants, only three in five (57%) say the same about EU citizens looking for a job in the UK.
  • Londoners seem to welcome the presence of international students in the UK, with considerable proportions agreeing that the higher tuition fees paid by international students make a valuable contribution to the UK economy (72%), that international students bring valuable skills to UK businesses after they graduate (68%), and that they provide useful global networks to promote trade with the UK (66%).
  • Only one in five Londoners (19%) say that international students studying in the UK have a negative impact on public services.

Date Published: 18/01/2016

Categories: Education | Politics | Public and communities | UK

Client: London First


ComRes interviewed 1,016 London adults between 8th January and 13th January 2016. Data were weighted by age, gender, region and ethnicity to be representative of the London public.

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