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Join us for our B2B Digital Ad Performance (DAP) webinar

We are very excited to announce our first B2B Digital Ad Performance webinar, hosted on Thursday April 8th.

Recent research shows that audiences on social media platforms determine whether they are interested in an ad in less than 3 seconds. We have worked to uncover problems that B2B businesses face when advertising on social media and have devised best practices to ensure ad messaging optimization.

What you will learn – How to: 

  • Determine the effectiveness of B2B advertising on social media platforms as outlined in Savanta’s latest US research
  • Test creative content and messaging in a secure digital space using social media advertising testing techniques
  • Uncover which content and messaging generate the best behavioral response, leveraging behavioral metrics for ad messaging optimization
  • Identify best practices for B2B advertising on social media
  • Learn how using social media platforms for ad testing improves respondent survey experience

Marni Hirschorn, SVP Account Management: LinkedIn
Amit Sahni, Associate Director: LinkedIn

Join Us:
Date: Thursday 8th April
Time: UK: 5.00pm; US: 12 P.M. EST & 9 A.M. PT

How to register
To register from the UK please click here
To register from the US please click here
If you’d like to find out more information about this event please get in touch