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Toyota – The&Partnership

Model development

Over the past few years Savanta has run a series of automotive market research projects for The&Partnership on behalf of Toyota.

The&Partnership is Toyota Europe’s integrated creative and media agency and have responsibility for the development and execution of a wide variety of brand and model development projects. Savanta’s work has informed the next steps of various R&D projects covering a breadth of different topics.

The Challenge

The&Partnership (T&P) has used Savanta as a trusted and adaptable research consultancy, mainly for our ability to react to fast turnaround information requests as and when they arise from Toyota.

Projects have included, amongst other things, exploring brand identity, evaluating logo and name equity, better understanding the hybrid market, evaluating event sponsorship and corporate partnership opportunities, testing names for potential future products. Most of the projects have been fast turnaround and multi-market; either pan-European or global.

Our approach

We have ample coverage across Toyota’s main European markets and global regions, and have consistently proved that we can quickly achieve robust sample sizes among niche audiences. We believe it is important to start by understanding Toyota’s wider business context before agreeing the best approach given time and budget.

The questionnaire content is then designed in conjunction with T&P before scripting and translating the survey using our in-house software. We run all fieldwork and produce automated data tables and charts using the same software package, which reduces human error and makes the process seamless, secure and fast.

The outcome

Having built a strong relationship with the Toyota account team at T&P over a number of projects we understand each other well and are able to consistently deliver to expectations.

Data tables and reports are produced quickly and accurately, which gives T&P more time to digest the findings and recommend next steps.

The reports are intuitively structured enabling T&P to efficiently absorb the learnings and feed them back into the development process.