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Powering Growth with BrandVue

Identifying key drivers of success

Our client is a premium, Bistro-style restaurant chain. Using BrandVue data, they wanted to identify the key drivers of demand for their brand versus competitors and highlight opportunity areas for future growth.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to explore ways to increase demand for their brand within the UK’s premium Eating Out category.

Understanding what drives demand for their brand and their competitors was therefore key.

Client Objectives:
  • What factors drive demand in our category?
  • How do we perform on those key drivers and how do our competitors fare?
  • What are the gaps we need to fill / things we need to address to increase demand for our brand?

Our approach

Working with our Advanced Analytics team, we conducted a Key Driver Report to identify what drives demand within the premium Eating Out category.

We ran two pieces of analysis to identify:

  1. Occasions driving demand
  2. Image perceptions driving demand

This analysis was run across the client’s competitive set, enabling us to identify the occasions and perceptions driving demand more broadly, and then enabling us to overlay our client’s performance across those key measures.

The outcome

The research clearly identified factors of most importance to the consumer when choosing where to eat out – both in terms of occasions and brand perceptions.

Priority areas: we provided clear guidance on the factors our client should dial up (and potentially, dial down) to increase demand and achieve a competitive advantage within the premium Eating Out category.

Tools to implement: we facilitated an interactive half day workshop to help our client develop an action plan, outlining next steps and ways to address the priority areas our research had identified.

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