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MarketVue Business Banking

Improving customer experience

About MarketVue

MarketVue Business Banking (MVBB) from Savanta is an ongoing telephone-based survey of British businesses, running since 2010. A parallel survey of NI businesses is also run.

Each year, nearly 15,000 interviews are completed, covering businesses of all sizes from new start-ups to £1bn turnover organisations.

The Challenge

It is important for banks to understand the experience of their business customers, and how this compares to key competitors.

Banks also require a reliable way of measuring and monitoring their market share, in a cost-effective way.

Our approach

MVBB subscribers receive a range of standard outputs, including tables, charts, verbatim & reports. These are invaluable when reporting to regulators such as the FCA and CMA.

Subscribers can also request bespoke outputs tailored to their own segmentation, including tables, charts, data files, driver analysis, dashboards and summary reports.

The survey covers a wide range of topics including market share and switching behaviour, product usage and lending, channel usage and satisfaction, fees and value for money, NPS and complaints.

The outcome

The multi-client approach allows large sample sizes to be generated cost-effectively; by sharing costs, a longer interview length is also affordable.

MVBB data can be used to set targets and monitor bank performance, and pitch meetings with potential clients or partners.

The data can also be utilised externally in advertising, annual reports and government lobbying, as evidence to the regulators, to assist investor relations.