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Customer journey mapping

The client is a purveyor of luxury kitchen appliances, predominantly refrigerators and wine preservation products.

Our client is a major luxury kitchen appliance manufacturer in the US market.

The Challenge

Our client served us with the challenge of exploring the purchase journey of different types of potential customers, including ‘aware’ vs. ‘unaware core attainables’.They also wanted to  understand the key influencers, channels, information sources, and features of interest, gauging the customer mindset throughout the journey, as well as  test pre-established hypotheses about their path to purchase, and uncover top decision drivers & moments of truth for the final purchase.

Through these insights, our client desired to paint a picture of the complete customer journey to meet the customer in their journey, be top of mind, and prove they are ‘worth it’ to ultimately retain its status as a reliable and high-quality competitor in the market.

Our approach

Our approach utilized qualitative and quantitative methods, with a heavy focus on qualitative approaches with various customer segments.

The brief 15-minute quantitative survey was conducted with a sample of over 1,000 luxury appliance shoppers to guide the following qualitative methods.

We launched a set of 5-day online community groups of 35 luxury appliance respondents to hear the voice of the customer. Next, six follow-up 30 minute in-depth interviews were conducted with online community respondents to dive deeper and add context about the kitchen and appliance journey. Finally, six 60-minute in-depth interviews were conducted with interior/kitchen designers to gain the perspective of this group and their role in the customer journey.

The outcome

Savanta was able to provide the client with accurate data-driven data about their customers purchase journeys from both the quantitative and qualitative studies.

Our client was then able to take these insights and implement it into their day-to-day business techniques and marketing campaigns to ultimately create a new selling model which best fulfils their core customers wants and needs.