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Global Financial Services Brand

Comms testing


As part of an ongoing global partnership, we helped this leading global financial services brand enhance the execution of its creative and communications both tactically and to inform its go-to market strategy.

The Challenge

Our client found that acquisition levels weren’t meeting required commercial KPIs across multiple markets. So, they needed to understand exactly which stages of the journey were least effective, and required improvements.

The journey had multiple unique communication stages of the acquisition process which needed to be tested.

The final aim of the research was to link the customer journey to understand end to end implications alongside specific improvement opportunities.

Our approach

The research included cell online quantitative comms testing amongst target prospects, via our newly crafted Consumer Duty Testing Framework.

With more than 150 respondents per cell, individuals were each shown one of the multiple different stages of comms, with reference to the end-to-end journey.

The questionnaire design included visual heatmaps alongside open questions, to understand likes and dislikes in depth and at scale.

The outcome

Our framework identified the essential aspects of comms that were being misunderstood or poorly received, as well as the areas that were more successful.

The client took findings for its priority market and applied them both directly to the specific comms acquisition journey, and shared best practice elements.

We conducted further projects in a separate market, to understand and improve the UX experience in detail and build from the learning of this project.

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