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Aligning with customer requirements

The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) is the industry training board for the UK construction industry.

Its role is to help the construction industry attract talent and to support skills development. CITB are an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Education.

The Challenge

The CITB Skills and Training fund aims to provide an easy-to-access funding stream for the construction industry, enabling businesses to deliver more flexible and focused training as well as fulfilling the strategic aim to push training with micros.

Having been running for some months, research was required to review the success of the fund and inform its future direction.

We anticipated from the outset that a key challenge for the research would be audience engagement and this turned out to be the case.

We approached the challenge head on, adopting a flexible, fluid and adaptive attitude to meet audience needs. We also worked closely with the client throughout to ensure our aims were fully achieved.

Our approach

We used a combination of research methods across the project including desk research, group discussions and individual interviews.

We persevered when recruitment was challenging, still delivering back to the client within the required time-frames. We were able to obtain a huge amount of valuable insight from a broad spectrum of audience types.

The outcome

The research helped CITB in two ways:

1. It helped understand the different attitudes to training by different employers and how best to target each group

2. It helped shape the product offering to be more in line with our customers’ requirements

It was a pleasure working with Tanya and the team at Savanta. They understood our needs and helped us shape the project to deliver a very clear and actionable set of results that has informed the development of our Skills and Training Fund offering.

Head of Research, CITB