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Automotive manufacturer

Customer journey mapping

Autonomous vehicles, connectivity, electric vehicles and smart mobility (sharing) are underpinning the transformation of the automotive sector. So how will the car industry evolve in the next 5-10 years?

Our client is a leading multinational automotive manufacturer who wanted to understand the ideal customer journey for electric vehicles.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to create a best in class customer experience in the EV market. This meant a positive customer experience which extended beyond the point of sale.

To this end, it was imperative for them to explore and fully understand customer expectations and path to purchase. They also needed to fully understand the customer journey after purchase, e.g. from day to day ownership and aftersales experiences.

Our approach

An exploratory qualitative stage with enabled us to understand expectations and experiences at all stages, from initial research, purchase, handover to daily use of vehicle & servicing.

A quantitative study was then conducted to provide robustness, but also to gauge implied and derived importance for key measures of the customer journey.

The outcome

Our automotive market research showed our client where in the customer journey it needed to consider heightening its experience protocols, including instigating new processes, communications and indeed new touchpoints along the existing journey.

In short, our findings have enabled our client to move beyond a typical car purchase customer journey to something more meaningful, bespoke and tailored to a very discerning audience. Our findings were used as the basis for an internal workshop to feed into the overall design of their new customer programme.