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Gauging customer perceptions

ATPI delivers world-leading corporate travel and events solutions.

They deliver these solutions to organisations operating in a variety of specialist sectors around the world, including marine, energy and sports.

The Challenge

In such a ‘people centric’ industry, the team at ATPI had received feedback that customer service and account management was a real strength of theirs and were keen to discover whether this view was shared across their client base. Together with Savanta, they wanted to understand client perceptions and satisfaction around a range of topics at global level.

Our approach

Savanta and ATPI collaborated to put together a holistic customer satisfaction and engagement research programme. This ensured a full range of key strengths (including account management) were understood, as well as potential areas for improvement which would help to cement their world-leading status.

For three years now, we’ve undertaken this research program which has been used to not only measure performance – but enable targeted recommendations to be made, in areas from account management to products and operational servicing, driving the business forward.

This latest year, we spoke to over 600 customers across the globe to understand the truly global view of ATPI’s offer.

The outcome

From the research, we identified several areas where ATPI were providing a genuinely outstanding service, both with elements of the solution and with market segments & geography.

We were also able to pinpoint specific areas ATPI could focus on to best improve customer satisfaction, which were then spread throughout the organisation – reaching CEO and board level along with divisional and country heads globally. In follow-up, we were delighted to see significant improvements in these target areas based on the actions ATPI took. Across 2018 and YTD 2019 ATPI have seen a growing ratio in client retention (+25%) and successful expansion sales opportunities (+20%).

At the account level, we were also able to share specific feedback, where permission was given, helping ATPI to develop targeted action plans for key customers based on direct insight.

Results have been systematically shared with global and local account management and country management for analysis of critical concerns and consolidation into account plans.
The results have also triggered a more focussed product development and product marketing approach.

One of the initiatives that was driven from the research was a revision of the Global Account Management Strategy and Protocol. Another has been the use of client feedback to form relevant annual business plans, composed by the lead Account Manager and signed off by the client.

What I like about Savanta is how they make complicated stuff simple. The clarity and practicality they applied to breaking large data sets down to manageable and presentable steering indicators has helped us tremendously in creating a global ROI out of the research.