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The UK’s Most Loved Financial Services Brands 2023

This year's #1 brand finds its way into consumers' daily lives, in a seamless - and often unnoticeable - way. The subconscious top-of-mind presence that results from this undeniably contributes to its continued success. But is this a consequence of the ubiquitous nature of payment platforms or is there a deeper, more intrinsic factor at play?

Stephen Palmer EVP, Financial Services 23 November 2023
In 2023, we celebrate the fourth year of BrandVue’s Most Loved Financial Services Brands report – and our year-on-year research shows that the concept of Brand Love is as true for FS as it is for other sectors.

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While nuances exist across sectors, a consistent pattern emerges in the actions fostering Brand Love and the subsequent positive impact on a brand.

After all, given the intimate – and often sensitive – nature of fiscal matters, it’s only natural for a robust emotional connection to form between consumers and brands that relate to their finances.

This year we asked 72,000 consumers to share their opinion on more than 220 FS brands, and the results offer a spectrum of surprises.

In addition to the Top 100 league table, the report dives into:

The life and longevity of the crypto craze
How to lock in younger generations
The challenges faced by Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) schemes
Why traditional banks are winning hearts and minds across all generations
A closer look at the role of insurance providers

…and much more.

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