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ITV News Daily Mail Political Poll

Political poll for ITV News and the Daily Mail, including voting intention.


With less than two days to go until the General Election, the Conservatives are ahead on vote share. The trend in telephone polls has suggested a Conservative lead throughout 2015, although the two parties appeared to draw level briefly last week. The Conservatives are on 35%, up two since the last ComRes phone poll, while Labour are down by one point to 32%.

UKIP is on 14%, up one point on last week and marking their highest vote share since January in a ComRes telephone poll.

The Liberal Democrats currently stand on 9%, up one point. The Greens are on 4%.


Con 35% (+2)

Lab 32% (-1)

Lib Dem 9% (+1)

UKIP 14% (+1)

Green 4% (-3)

Others 6% (NC)

Changes in brackets from the last ComRes telephone poll.

In England and Wales only, the Tories are on 37%, Labour on 33%, with the Liberal Democrats trailing UKIP 8% to 15%.


Katharine Peacock, Managing Director of ComRes said: “The polls have remained remarkably consistent over the course of the campaign with the Conservatives maintaining a small lead over Labour through 2015. Despite the TV debates, manifesto launches and policy announcements nothing seems to be shifting the dial. Much of this is down to a distinct lack of trust in politicians and political parties, indeed, half of voters do not trust them to deliver their promises. With this level of cynicism and one in five voting in order to stop a party they don’t like from winning it is easy to see why little has changed.”

Key points:


Reasons for voting:

  • Around three quarters of likely voters (76%) say that they will be voting for the party they want to win.
  • A fifth (20%) say they will be voting in order to stop a party they don’t like from winning.

Parties and their promises:

  • Around half of Britons (51%) say that they do not trust political parties to deliver the promises they have made during the election campaign if they get into government. This includes 33% who do not trust them very much and 18% who say they do not trust them at all.
  • Just 4% trust the parties a great amount to deliver their promises. 43% trust them a fair amount.

Labour’s spending in the Blair/Brown years:

  • The majority of the British public think that the last Labour Government spent too much government money (59%). This includes (34%) current Labour voters.
  • 22% of Britons think the last Labour government spent about the right amount of money, while 8% say it did not spent enough.

EU membership:

  • Heading into the General Election, there is a large lead for remaining a part of the EU. 56% of Britons say they would vote to stay in, compared to 34% who say they would vote to leave. 10% say they don’t know how they will vote.

Date Published: 5th May 2015

Categories: GE2015 | Media | Politics | Public and communities | UK | Voting Intention

Client: ITV News / Daily Mail


ComRes interviewed 1,011 GB adults by telephone between 3rd and 5th May 2015. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults. Data were also weighted by past vote recall. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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