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Church of England Mothering Sunday poll

A survey of the UK general public about their own mothers and their ideal mother.

• Over two-fifths of the Great British public say the most important thing their mother did for them was support them in some way. A third (33%) say that the most important thing their mother did for them was to always be there whenever they needed her and 11% say she gave them everything they needed.

• A number of the public gained values from their mother. Almost a fifth (18%) say that she taught them to do the right thing, 11% say she showed them the value of hard work and 7% say she was a positive role model.

• Princess Diana is most likely to be named as the ideal mother (5%).

• 1% name the Virgin Mary as the ideal mother, the same amount that suggest Michelle Obama and Mary Poppins.

Date Published: 09/03/2018

Categories: Public and communities | Social | UK

Client: Church of England


ComRes surveyed 2,015 adults in Great Britain online between March 2nd and March 4th 2018. Data was weighted to be representative of British adults aged 18+ by age, gender, region and social grade. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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