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Ribbon Communications

Brand health tracker

Through its variety of service offerings, the client has earned a revenue of $193 million in the first quarter of 2021.

The Challenge

Ribbon wanted to understand its brand perceptions amongst decision making customers in the network and communications space to drive brand strategy, customer retention, and adoption. Our clients objectives were to establish a benchmark for the awareness, recognition, and health of their brand, as well as to inform brand strategy and track the brand’s position over time, gauge customer and non-customer perceptions of the brand and its competitors, and understand perceived differences of the acquired entity brands.

Our approach

Our approach consisted of two phases. Phase 1 included an internal survey amongst 10 Ribbon Communication’s salespeople to gain their insights and learn about the marketplace. In addition, this phase included 45-minute deep dive qualitative interviews with 26 customers and prospective customers.

Phase 2 consisted of a brief survey of 31 customers and prospective customers from around the world. This survey measured network and communications reach, awareness of our client’s brand, attitudes towards the brand and competing brands, and reactions to their branding and positioning.

The outcome

Through our approach, Ribbon Communications was able to discover a deep understanding of how customers and prospective customers view their brand, as well as how salespeople in this sector approach their market. They received thorough suggestions to improve product quality and pricing, service support, technology and innovation, product awareness, usage, and market leadership. Our client also received suggestions to enhance their brand equity and brand positioning.

For the last several months, we have been working with Savanta to conduct a survey to gauge our brand awareness with customers and partners in the market.  Our company, Ribbon Communications, is a roll up of many companies with a new brand that was introduced in late 2017.  We were looking to create a benchmark against which we can measure the impact of our marketing efforts. Savanta guided us through the process creating a survey that measured brand attributes for Ribbon and our major competitors, as well as the buying attributes that are important to our direct customers and channel partners. The results were global and comprehensive. We have started to leverage these actionable insights in our programs. I am confident we can move the needle on increased brand awareness for Ribbon thanks to the thoughtful team of professionals from Savanta. Many thanks.

Patrick Joggerst, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Ribbon Communications

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