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No other agency knows more about Gen Z

Now part of Savanta

YouthSight is one of the longest running youth agencies in the market. Our panel and data service provides agencies with access to our 150,000-strong panel of 13-30s and our comprehensive data services, whilst our culturally minded and commercially driven researchers steer brands and universities to fully maximise their relationship with Gen Z.

Future-proof your brand

YouthSight are experts in Gen Z research. We have been making companies more successful for over 15 years, by helping them connect with the next generation.

Savanta’s acquisition of YouthSight brings clients all the big agency benefits whilst retaining the personalised approach, specialist youth knowledge and boutique mindset that YouthSight are loved for. It's an excellent opportunity for clients to access an even more extensive audience base under one platform.

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How we can help:

Our bespoke research is informed by exclusive tracking data, so you never start from zero.

Research Consultancy:

Take the guesswork out of your under 30s marketing with our extensive trend data, bespoke research and the latest techniques, crucially fused with our insightful interpretation. We're skilled in combining qualitative and quantitative research approaches, steering brands and universities towards brand distinctiveness. Ready to create and maintain outstanding products/services that excite and inspire the next generation? Get in touch with our specialist youth researchers today.

Higher Education Research:

Win the battle for brand distinctiveness, student attraction, conversion and retention. Over the last 15 years we've become famous for our work with UK universities. We've solved challenges for over 100 higher education institutions, which has driven their student attraction, conversion and retention. Future proof your institution Our experienced HE research team are here to provide insight that will make your university more effective at meeting market needs. We have strong experience in applying fresh commercial thinking and innovative approaches to a wide range of higher education marketing challenges.

Panel & Data Services:

Owners of the UK’s largest and most engaged under-30s research panel. We support research, marketing and in-house agencies with their research and analysis needs by providing near-instant access to any Gen Z and Millennial audience. Our youth research panel comprises of 150,000 highly profiled 13-30-year-old panel members, who are ready to participate in your qual or quant research projects. Our dedicated project managers will recruit the right people and faster, taking the stress out of your fieldwork and data service requirements.

Our clients

State of the Youth Nation

Embed Gen Z insight into your organisation to make smarter, more confident decisions. We make is easy for you and your team to keep plugged into youth trends. We will immerse you in youth culture, so that you never miss the big moments in Gen Z’s lives.

The dashboard is the most comprehensive source of 16-24 trend data on the market. We've been tracking 16-24s since 2015, with 700+ questions that uncover what young people care about, where they're headed and their digital worlds.

Get instant access to:
1) 16-24s trend data - dig into trends, filter and compare by demographic variables and see how Gen Z opinions, behaviours and attitudes have changed over time
2) Insight webinars & reports - every fortnight we share the latest data-driven trends in our Spotlight reports and release a new webinar every month
3) Pitch your own Gen Z questions - pitch your own questions to our panel in every wave

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Higher Education Success Suite

Our unique tracking products provide unrivalled competitor intelligence and years of back-data, accessed through four easy-to-use online dashboards.

Membership provides powerful tracking data and specialist insight to facilitate your attraction and conversion goals. The tracking products are based on hundreds of thousands of interviews, with trends dating back as far as 2006 - all available instantly at the touch of a button. They look at the entire applicant journey, covering open days, undergraduate and postgraduate decision making and marcomms.

The Suite includes:
1) Open Day Success - boost your event success by learning what drives conversion
2) Undergraduate Success - boost undergraduate attraction and conversion
3) Postgraduate Success - boost postgraduate attraction and conversion
4) Marcomms Success - enhance your marketing communications by focusing on what impacts choice

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Proud to be Gen Z Young people are breaking the mould video

Proud to be Gen Z Young people are breaking the mould

Find out what issues are driving Gen Z's ambitions to change the world and why companies need to take note.

Gen Z vs Millennials The generation gap video

Gen Z vs Millennials The generation gap

What does Gen Z believe makes them different to their Millennial predecessors?

Audience expertise


Brands targeting the youth market need target audience research that offers instant access to the UK’s largest, most engaged youth research panel – ours! With 150,000 under-30s and over 1,000 data points, we can expose the diverse interests and opinions of the younger generation.

Higher Education

Insights from audiences throughout the higher education journey. From applicants to students and graduates, we provide target audience research for further and higher education specialist audiences. In fact, our OpinionPanel community features an unsurpassed youth and student research panel.

Case studies

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PumaCelebrity brand ambassadors

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SodexoThought leadership

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Art FundShaping promotion models

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"People who work in universities build their working lives around evidence and research. To engage and influence with them, we need high-quality research, presented in a clear and concise way. That's what YouthSight gave us."

University of Bristol

"The YouthSight team are great to work with - flexible, responsive and knowledgeable. Their clear and authoritative approach is supported by a willingness to answer our questions and address any concerns. Our work together over the last two years has been a real partnership."

Sport England

"The real USP was being able to use a combination of the data from the primary research and YouthSight's knowledge of young people generally, and their attitudes and behaviour."


"We chose YouthSight not only because they're the UK's leading youth research agency, they also have an excellent team of researchers who collaborated with our journalists to ask the questions that we needed answering."

The Guardian

"The quality of respondents provided by YouthSight is second to none, especially considering young adults and teenagers can be very tricky to engage."


"State of the Youth Nation is a truly fantastic product - the quarterly briefings are always interesting and insightful, a joy to read. There's a wealth of fascinating data and the dashboard, which is so easy to use, makes navigating through the questions a breeze."

Ofcom Senior Market Research Officer

"Our subscription to State of the Youth Nation is a valuable resource and helps us understand people around the country with data and actionable insight."

The Football Association Strategic Research & Programmes Manager

"Here at ITV Research we love State of the Youth Nation. The reports that are generated always make for a brilliant read and it's great to have instant access to such a vast wealth of discoverable data about young people."

ITV Research
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