November 11, 2020

Pollwatch: An injection of approval

Our latest Westminster voting intention and COVID-19 handling approval ratings

Chris Hopkins, Associate Director
It will be a relief in Government that the additional business support announced last week has translated into improved public ratings

The Conservatives open up 4pt lead over Labour on the back of approval ratings rise

The Conservative Party have regained the lead they have held for most of 2020, opening up a 4pt lead over Labour. However, the Conservatives vote share has not increased since last week (40%), and the lead largely comes from the Labour Party dropping to 36%.

The Liberal Democrats are up 1pt from last week and up to 8% of the vote, while the SNP stay on 5%, and the Green Party are up 1pt to 5%.

According to Savanta’s Coronavirus Data Tracker, Boris Johnson’s net approval rating for his handling of COVID-19 is up 5pts from last week, at -16%. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, is also up 5pts but remains in negative figures on -17%. Sir Keir Starmer’s net approval is 0%, a 2pt rise on last week, while Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is up 3pts from last week to 12%.

Rishi Sunak will be encouraged to see that his extension of furlough appears to have been well received, with a 6pt drop since 25th October of those who say that the government aren’t doing enough to support employees – 38% last week vs 44% for week ending 25th October.

Levels of worry and negative impact on mental health have both risen over the past few weeks. Nearly half (47%) of respondents say they are either very worried or the most worried they have ever been about COVID-19, a steady rise since a low of 38% for the week ending 30th August. The net personal mental health impact of COVID-19 is at -29% for the week ending 8th Nov, the lowest figure since we began tracking in March, while the net impact on physical health is -4%, and net impact on job security is -18%.

It will be a relief in Government that the additional business support announced last week has translated into improved public ratings for the Prime Minister, Chancellor, and the Government as a whole – even if the Chancellor is still the only senior figure to enjoy positive ratings.

The Government will take good news wherever it can find it, and looking ahead to next week, the question will be whether they can ride the wave of public optimism and good feeling which is bound to follow the announcement of a viable vaccine by Pfizer.


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