October 31, 2019

What drives NPS in the eating out market?

Martin Dinkele, SVP
The words people use to describe their meal are also a key factor in gaining a high NPS. "

Many of the busiest and fastest growing brands have the highest Net Promoter Score, indicating this simple, easy-to-understand metric is as valuable as ever.

As previous research from Savanta has demonstrated, many factors contribute to a brand’s NPS score— including the length of time that has passed between the experience and the survey, the nature of the relationship between the sender and the respondent, and the method of asking for customer feedback.

What’s more, the type of dining establishment affects the different experience drivers behind whether someone would recommend the restaurant to a friend. While food quality is always vital, certain factors such as friendliness of staff are more important to casual dining restaurants and pubs than, say, fast food places.

The words people use to describe their meal are also a key factor in gaining a high NPS. “Delicious” is the most desirable descriptor; a customer is 2.4 times more likely to be a promoter if they describe somewhere they’ve eaten in this way.

Therefore, it’s important on a granular level for businesses to understand what characteristics are universally important across the dining industry and which ones matter more for their specific restaurant or sub-sector.

Furthermore, some reasons that people visit a certain restaurant or pub are hygiene factors and have little impact on increased satisfaction. These include being able to book online, convenient location for home or work, and being guaranteed to get a seat.

Read the full report What drives NPS in the eating out market? to find out more about what influences net promoter scores across the dining industry.


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