October 31, 2019

How do millennials feel about working in the hospitality sector?

Martin Dinkele, SVP
Happy employees often equal happy guests."

Amid news headlines decrying the shortage of job applicants in the hospitality industry (particularly among millennials) Savanta research sets out to get to the bottom of what can be done to attract young talent.

Savanta surveyed young people aged between 18 and 30 (classified as millennials for this report Millennial perceptions of working in the hospitality sector ) who either currently work in the hospitality sector or used to work in this industry.

The research explores their attitudes towards the world of work more generally, as well as the media they consume and how they like to communicate. The research divides millennials into different segments depending on their lifestyle.

Levels of job satisfaction

The research shows that certain dining and pub brands have higher levels of satisfaction among employees than others and this often corresponds with levels of customer satisfaction.  Happy employees often equal happy guests.

While a common narrative pushes the idea that working in hospitality is just a stepping stone in life, one in six millennials are happy to consider a long term career in the industry. This rises to more than a third (35%) for those who are currently working in the sector.

But while there are positives to working in the hospitality industry, employers should note that certain elements such as long hours and low pay could be putting people off.  Learning new skills and the enjoyment of interacting with people as part of a customer service role are among the most attractive parts of working in the industry.

The full report provides recommendations on how to engage young talent and how to improve recruitment and retention —as well as why employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction.

Download Millennial perceptions of working in the hospitality sector  for more.


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