August 9, 2022

Get answers from under 30s with Savanta’s youth panel

YouthSight: now part of Savanta

Josephine Hansom, VP, Youth
Our respondents are committed, our response rates are high, and access to data is instant.

It’s not an easy task connecting with younger audiences. Especially when language, trends, opinions and cultural references constantly change.

Brands targeting the youth market need target audience research services that offer instant access to the UK’s largest, most engaged youth research panel – no other research agency knows more about Gen Z and Millenials!

Get access to 150,000 highly profiled 16–30-year-olds with over 1,000 data points and expose the diverse interests and opinions of the younger generation quickly and easily.

We can help you to:

Speak to the right people

  • We recruit only through high quality partners and our double opt-in recruitment approach limits the risk of professional or fraudulent members joining the panel.
  • You can place confidence in our panel to deliver exceptional quality at every touchpoint.

Access an engaged and active community

  • Our community members are highly engaged with an average response rate of 30%.
  • An impressive 75% of our panellists are unique to the OpinionPanel Community, which prevents survey fatigue.
  • You won’t find as many young people in one place anywhere else in the UK.

Achieve high quality, considered insights

  • It’s quite a skill knowing how to engage youth audiences – and cut through their feeds! Luckily, we’ve got decades of youth audience research experience and are skilled at engaging and communicating with youth audiences.
  • We have over 1,000 data points for you to deep-dive into hyper-segmentation

Reaching Generation Y and Z is tricky but we make it easy. Working hard to understand young people – learning the best times and methods to connect and engage with them – means our respondents are committed, our response rates are high, and access to data is instant.

To discover more about how the UK’s largest youth research resource can help you achieve even the most niche of youth insight objectives, download our panel book here. Or to speak directly to one of our experts, please get in touch below.


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