February 1, 2019

Charity brands: making a good investment

Introducing Savanta’s 100 Most Valuable Charity Brands

Richard Branch, Director
Great brands all have one thing in common: clear insight and the ability to act on it creatively.”

A strong brand can increase a charity’s fundraising success...

...bringing in more money, which allows them to do more good work, thereby strengthening the brand. The ultimate virtuous circle.

Charities have developed some of the best known and most trusted brands. Awareness of Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation is almost universal, at 98% and 97% respectively – figures that the likes of Amazon and Tesco can only dream of. Yet the sector itself remains uncomfortable with brands and branding.

Whilst it’s acknowledged that a strong brand can create positive outcomes, building that brand can redirect resources away from the front line as well as bring unwelcome risks – if it backfires, the public is notoriously slow to forgive. So how can a charity make better decisions about where, when or even if to invest?

Savanta’s brand valuation framework quantifies the financial value of UK charity brands and ranks the top 100 brands by value.

awareness of Cancer Research UK among the British public
awareness of the British Heart Foundation among the British public

The first of a series of yearly analyses, it evaluates the role of brand, the value of the right brand positioning and how to harness brand strengths. It explores the motivations of donors across charity sectors and the importance of brand against those motivations. And, as the series progresses, it will follow the development of the nation’s priorities in charitable giving, donor habits and brand sentiments.

In short, it is a must-have source of data and insight for any charity, big or small, that wants to increase donor support, recruit new donors or win back lapsed supporters.

To help your charity make the right brand decisions, download The 100 Most Valuable Charity Brands now.


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