January 30, 2020

Amazon, Aldi and M&S Simply Food are UK’s most loved retailers

Caroline Hawkings, UK CEO
The research identifies a direct correlation between an emotive brand connection and commercial return.

Our latest report The Top 100 Most Loved Retail Brands 2020 reveals the most loved retailers in the UK…

Amazon, Aldi and M&S Simply Food have topped the charts as the most loved retailers in the UK, according to a new study of 96,000 consumers from BrandVue Retail.

The research, which rates the top 100 retailers according to how loved they are by consumers, also identifies a direct correlation between an emotive brand connection and commercial return.

As noted in a previous report for the eating out industry, brand love has a positive impact on customer word-of mouth and commitment, as well as the willingness to pay a price premium.

A loved brand is also more likely to be forgiven in the instance of a poor experience.

What do the top brands have in common?

Amazon, Aldi and M&S Simply Food are unified by customer connection.

They’ve all nailed one or more of the key factors in retail: value, a clear product advantage, and convenience. While Amazon leads with convenience, Aldi offers great value for money and M&S Simply Food tempts consumers with its premium, yet accessible and innovative ranges.

In a climate of fierce competition and abundant choice, all three brands have found a way to build a relationship with customers that goes beyond the functional. The data highlights the commercial importance of making a deeper and more personal emotional connection with customers.

Beyond the top three, brands Britons have taken to their hearts include Boots, Argos and Sainsbury’s.

The future of retail

As well as revealing the 100 most loved retail brands, the report offers expert analysis on where the industry is heading and what brands can do to stay afloat in what are turbulent times for many high street brands.

The dominance of Amazon confirms that an effective strategy across both the physical and digital arenas is essential, while consumers’ increased awareness of sustainability and desire to have a positive impact on the planet needs to be acknowledged.

The report also touches upon the role of loyalty programmes, social media and personalised marketing communications when it comes to fostering meaningful brand relationships.

Download the report for the full Top 100 league table as well as more retail trends and insights.


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