June 18, 2021

A sobering time for BrewDog

Roger Perowne, CEO
This represents over 3 million consumers who now report hearing something negative about the BrewDog...

Sentiment towards BrewDog is at its lowest point ever according to Savanta’s BrandVue Drinks

After an open letter to BrewDog was published on Twitter by ex-staff members last week alleging a toxic company culture, Savanta’s BrandVue Drinks shows how the story has had an impact on both overall sentiment towards the brand, as well as the proportion who are buying the Scottish brewer and pub chain’s products.

Unsurprisingly, overall sentiment towards the brand has seen a dramatic fall in the last week. On 16th April, BrewDog was at a high point for the year on +10%. This has tumbled to an all-time low for the brand of -1% yesterday 17th June.

The proportion of UK adults who have heard something negative about the brand has almost tripled from just over 2% on the day before the open letter was published, to 7% on 17th June. This represents over 3 million consumers who now report hearing something negative about the BrewDog.

And, its not just a bad news story for BrewDog, with the proportion who report having bought one of their products in the last 7 days falling from 5% back in April, to just 1% yesterday, eight days on from the open letter. Over the same time period ‘Consideration’ – whether people would consider buying the brand in the future – has fallen 8pts from 24% to 16%.

BrandVue Drinks covers 370+ brands across the drinks category and captures and analyses the views and trends of 96,000 UK consumers each year.


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